Share Your Story

Looking at yourself can be quite the experience. We think it is important to share this experience in an effort to reduce the shame and stigma around our parts. Please share whatever you are comfortable sharing. Here is an example:

I remember looking at myself when I was young. I can’t quite remember the age but I do remember feeling confusion and repulsion. I understood and loved that I could feel good and receive pleasure, but I HATED how I looked. I thought I was ugly. When I was around 19, I saw my first Playboy and again, I felt confusion. I did NOT look like these people. My lips were bigger and fuller and I had more hair. I looked at myself again, trying to find the beauty, and I couldn’t. Again, I packed it away. I obsessed and worried that I wasn’t normal. I barely touched myself, much less looked at myself. It wasn’t until my mid 30s where I decided to try again. I began touching myself in front of a mirror and I found myself mesmerized. I began to appreciate how I looked. I began to appreciate all the colors and shapes and smells. I love how I reacted to touch and pleasure. And then, one day, I said…’I LOVE MY PUSSY!’ It felt amazing. Freeing. I became whole. I became clear. Suddenly the whole world opened up to me. I want everyone to feel this good! – ml’

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